Key Staff Acquisition

We are NOT a typical recruitment service

We Begin With You!

Before The Hire, Consider The Risks

  • 50% of newly hired physicians leave within the first 3 years.
  • The wrong selection is YOUR loss.
  • Recruitment turnover is VERY EXPENSIVE.
  • Economic studies show a cost of a $230,000 loss.
  • The wrong candidate can lead to damaged morale, lost business, lawsuits, and protracted hassles.

The Science of Selection®️

SOS is Physician Designed, Unique, Proprietary, and it Works

First – We Discover Your Uniqueness

Our scientific, multi-faceted selection process took over five years to develop, working closely with professionals in psychometrics, industrial psychology, and behavioral methodology. The Science of Selection®️ or SOS, provides a complete benchmark model so that we can identify strengths needed for your practice growth.  Next, The Science of Selection®️ model allows us to measure, compare, and select the right fit candidate to enhance the unique qualities of your practice.

The Science of Selection®️

  • It begins by determining what a good “fit” for your practice looks like
  • It accurately determines the “character” of the candidate to optimize there is a good match.
  • It identifies behavior, motivation, judgment, and other factors so that you are assured the candidate is right for your practice.
  • The proprietary process of The Science of Selection®️ uses accurate, scientific methods in place of traditional methods of profiling that are not reliable.
  • Our comprehensive assessment is designed to match you, your practice and the candidates responding to our search.
  • Before we even announce that there is a position available at your practice, we have already determined what the best candidate “looks like” for your practice.
  • We verify credentials
  • We conduct a full first interview
  • We do a security background search
  • We conduct a financial credit report
  • We do drug testing
  • We conduct medical physicals

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