Are Your Working Relationships Limiting Your Growth?

The Symptoms

  • Poor Staff Communications
  • Physician Rivalry
  • Staff Distrust
  • Staff Turnover
  • Efforts to improve fail to last
  • Pressure for salary increases
  • Best efforts are not enough
  • Patients indifferent or uninspired

What does achieving Staff Alignment Mean?

Staff Alignment is the hallmark of premier practices. Staff Alignment is the organization’s clarity for direction and staff development. Skillful leadership is crucial to create Staff Alignment essential for trust, teamwork, and practice growth. Acquisition of superior performers enhances staff alignment.  Using The Science of Performance optimizes key acquisitions.

Achieving Staff Alignment

  • An engaged, aligned staff envisions and trusts advancing their future through leadership and clarity.
  • The most capable leaders understand ultimate clarity requires the science of performance.
  • Clarity is achieved by discovery of how and why the practice does not meet the science of performance expectations.

Without Staff Alignment

  • Processes set for efficient work flow are impaired by unanticipated disruptions.
  • Rumors undermine the trust and attention to performance.
  • Things that once worked well are now less efficient.
  • Staff meetings are spent on crisis issues.
  • Set times for meetings are insufficient to resolve current problems.
  • Improved processes drift back to old ways and methods.
  • Leaders have difficulty knowing who to believe.
“You cannot know what you do not know.”