How Reliable is Your Group’s Financial Operation?

Ask Yourself…

  • What is stress doing to your earning power?
  • Is your cash flow limiting growth?
  • Are you planning financially as you go?
  • Do you plan by symptoms or causes of business problems?
  • Is scientific validation used for your business plan?
  • Do you plan from past experience?
  • Are your goals set for competitive advantage?
  • Is business accelerating your goals?

The Importance of Financial Operations

Financial Operations empower maximum value through patient care and services. Competitive advantage, strategic planning, new revenues, and practice growth depend on the reliability of Financial Operations. Maximum financial results are achieved when the size of your Practice Group is matched with the financial operations specific to your Stage of Growth.

Ultimate Business Operations

  • Anticipate future problems before they arise.
  • Plan using scientific assessments for discovery of higher financial outcomes.
  • Build processes for steady cash flow.
  • Gives complete team confidence in a sustaining business.
  • Are prepared to meet competitive challenges.

Operations of Missed Opportunities

  • Continual changes in planning create a sense of destabilization.
  • Hires are made without benchmarks for improving performance.
  • Investing in new services are prevented by limited capital.
  • Constant borrowing is necessary to meet expense accounts.