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Compassion, trust, and safety are fundamental to providing the highest quality in healthcare. To provide compassionate, trusting and safe care, working relationships need to be understood and mastered. Ultimate Care Rx is unsurpassed in knowledge and expertise for mastering leadership and staff inter-relationships. Unlike any other consulting service, Ultimate Care Rx uses science and data analysis to resolve performance limiting processes and strategies to enhance caregiver relationships. We facilitate trust building and process optimization to create a lasting competitive advantage of patient engagement, service quality, and profitability. Through our 60 years of expertise in performance science, Ultimate Care Rx re-ignites the values of compassion, trust, and patient safety for healthcare performance.

Dr. John Buckholz

Growth Curve Stategist – Principal

Dr. Buckholz has a most unique experience in leadership strategies for patient care. A Foot & Ankle surgeon, his 27 year experience includes creation of a surgical specialty hospital, Professor and Dean of Clinical Sciences, Director of the World’s 3rd largest foot clinic, Staff Officer in each leadership hospital position, first AO scholar in foot surgery to the University of Basel Switzerland, principal of a 7 doctor group practice, and management of 2 successful private practices. Since 2007, Dr. Buckholz has been actively engaged with behavioral and motivational studies in patient care and group leadership growth strategies. He is nationally and internationally certified for behavioral & motivational assessments, E.Q., physician talent strategies, personnel operations, and business growth analysis & strategies.

Phil Bristol

Growth Curve Stategist – Principal

Mr. Bristol’s experience spans over 35 years, with a focus in leadership, project management, and the information technology (IT) industry. He has successfully planned, marketed, developed, and implemented innovative solutions for public and private sector clients. Mr. Bristol has demonstrated skills in strategic planning, business process re-engineering (BPR), enterprise-wide project management, and ledership development. His keynote presentations and workshops are hightly praised by leaders nationally and internationally. Backed by his experience as a business owner, consultant, and educator, Mr. Bristol brings strong business and leadership acumen to bear as he works with CEO’s and their leadership team.